Who am I

Born into a large farming family my future was pre-planned - the only thing that was! Eldest of six children we had a great childhood - healthy outdoor life fostered a love of cows and the beginning of business life.
Sadly i was not able to continue in that life after a few years so moved on to landscaping business. Sold that after successful years and started a love-affair with trucking.

Just over 20 yrs ago my world changed again with the desire to get into something with more of a future. I bought my first computer - for our daughters - but i ended up using it the most. Discovered what it could do and learnt to touch-type - a very valuable skill.

But i like taking things to bits and discovering how they work. I enjoyed running my previous business so started taking other people's computers bits and selling my own built machines. But that was not enough. It was how my customers used their computers for their business that fascinated me. They had bought stuff but had no idea how to make the business 'go faster' with them. That's where Clarity Computer Solutions came in.

So by following my passion for helping people with their businesses and digital lives i have for 20yrs worked to give clients 'peace of mind'. 

Keeping clients for more than 10yrs is so satisfying. Helping some businesses as they grew from 1 person to many more. Building my first fully remote working setup for an international aviation company before the age of real broadband. 
Finding fellow IT enthusiasts to partner with has ensured my interest is still alive.  

If only my computer to make my coffee and automatically deliver it!

We provide the infrastructure to enable your business to flourish,  and peace of mind for you by achieving it. Our experience and expertise lies across the programme and data systems that you are using in your small or medium business. We have helped companies move from single users to multiple members of staff. Single to multiple sites.


Collaborative working with trusted partners means that your company maintenance is not dependant on a single person. We have people in multiple locations to support you daily. Even 24x7 if you need it?  

How do we work?