Broadband and Connectivity


  • So your internet is too slow and you clicked for help - good move

  • Are you connected by wireless to your internet?Then that may be the issue

  • How do you tell?Don’t use the speed given by your wireless connection – that’s the wrong answer

  • Go to and run a test there – that will give you the more accurate answers

  • Now compare the answer you got from and compare that with whatyour internet provider says they are giving you.

  • If it is within 10% then the problem is not the internet but inside the house

  • How many devices are connected to your internet connection?If it is 9 or more then that will cause slow downs.Time to do something with your internet box

  • But that’s more complicated – why not call us for a free remote appraisal of the situation

  • Getting accurate information will guide you far better than just throwing money at it.

  • Look at the two options below - these give you more suggestions to attack slow internet access


Suitable Connectivity Contracts

  • Annual Broadband Contract reviews

  • Choosing right broadband package

  • Choosing the right telephone package

  • Monitoring the broadband speed

  • Ensuring right contract lengths