Laptop & PC Help

​Optimise your internet experience by keeping your browsers clean  - (browser = programme you use to access internet)

  • when you open your internet - has it got Google or Bing as first page - or something you didn't want - call us

  • Have you got more than 5 internet pages open - each page needs more power and internet

Is your computer too slow opening up in the mornings?

  • First need to look at what programmes start up with it?  Cut them down to minimum needed 

  • If it is still very slow then it could be the computer itself - most likely a slow hard drive

  • If we fitted an SSD type drive it can make a huge difference to opening up and program performance

  • We regularly extend the life of a laptop or pc and make it faster than it ever was by this change - contact us now

Equipment too old?

  • Why not consider a high quality refurbished laptop or computer from a reputable source?

  • Many very satisfied customers of our business equipment

  • But good clear advice before you even decide to buy can save you money in the long term

Contact us now for your hardware and programme issues -don't delay